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Blazaball's unique design creates a protective barrier for the firelighters to allow air to circulate.

This is due to the strategically designed air pockets that allow the airflow to spread in the fire and prevent suffocation.

Handy tips to make your Blazaball shine!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We like to chat and respond to questions.

What type of firelighters work best?
Firelighters of all types work exceptionally well with Blazaball, regardless of whether they are from a fuel or a natural mixture. Make sure the firelighters are tightly closed for best results.

Blazaball likes solid fuel tablets. You can place up to five firelighters in one Blazaball cage. The more tablets you place in the Blazaball cage, the greater the flame.

What size wood can I use to get the best results?
For best results after lighting your Blazaball, always make sure to place smaller pieces of wood on top of the Blazaball cage and continue stacking with larger pieces of wood on top.

Blazaball loves wood, charcoal and BBQ briquettes.

Is one Blazaball cage enough?
If you want to use the Blazaball in a larger than normal product, for example a large spit, it is recommended to use more than one cage at a time.